Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No…it’s an airborne souvlaki! Diagoras 2 Asteras Athens 1

On Saturday 9th of June myself and around 100 other people were treated to a festival of football.  A great pre-cursor to the 2018 World Cup!  On a balmy evening at the Christos Rahes home stadium Diagoras and Asteras Athens met for a friendly.  That is not to say that it was a game without commitment, skill and a strong will to win from both teams.  Indeed the match was blessed with two glorious goals from free kicks, one for each side.  The game eventually being settled by a late winner for Diagoras.

Miscellaneous .17 180609

The tone of the game was also set in a different way with the early introduction of a drone able to take airborne photographs of the unfolding drama.  A worthwhile pursuit enhanced by attaching a souvlaki stick and tempting the opposition goalkeeper and players to have a quick second half snack!

And then of course there was the obligatory smoke bomb shrouding the pitch in a red mist and not, thankfully, interrupting play for too long.

There really were some excellent skills on show, not least the free kicks and some excellent goalkeeping from Lefteris who put down a marker for a continued place in the team, playing with assurance and composure in support of his defenders.  I was particularly impressed by the Diagoras left back (that’s not him below) who was quick, technically excellent, possessing a strong left foot and , could put in a good pass.

Finally a shot of something a bit different, what a wonderful evening.  It’s good to be back on Ikaria.

Miscellaneous .14 180609


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