It’s not just music, it’s cultural heritage

It has been a joy to have been able to return to Ikaria for a month.  Every now and then though, something amplifies that joy;  being invited to an evening of music in Agios Dimitrios on the 26th of June was one such occasion.

When I arrived last September I had the privilege of being accepted into a small weekly musical gathering.  Greek not being my first language, in fact nowhere near, I realised that  I need to learn to fully participate, you can only go so far with humming.  Notwithstanding that though, it was such a pleasure to meet with people regularly each Friday evening who have now become friends.

Music is at the epicentre of Ikarian life.  Many fantastic musicians and singers live, visit and perform here.  But it’s not only about music, it’s about community and to have been a small part of the community and to have seen how people come together, young and old alike to perform was an absolute pleasure. It is also so important that children and young people are encouraged, motivated and enjoy learning to play and having their confidence built to feel able to perform.  To everyone here, thank you again for your kindness, care and acceptance.  There is nowhere on earth more beautiful.  A parting gift:  The Sailors Bonnet



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